In July 2007, the Department of Biosurgery and Surgical Technology at Imperial College London created a virtual hospital in the 3D virtual world of Second Life and a series of ‘machinima’ documentary films to describe what healthcare of the future could look like. This is an ongoing experimental, innovative and efficient means of communicating complex healthcare messages as well as illustrating what healthcare of the future could look like. The design of the virtual hospital in Second Health is based on the principles and recommendations outlined in the recently published Healthcare for London: A Framework for Action.

Second Health is located in the SciLands, a specialised region of Second Life for Science, Technology and Educational applications. The Second Health London Local Community Hospital and Polyclinic are now open for you to explore.

Map of Second Health Islands - Click to enlarge Second Health Hospital - Click to enlarge

Map of the Second Health London islands & the Second Health Hospital

Second Health Orientation Experience

Upon entering Second Life, your first stop will be the Second Health Orientation Experience. This area is designed to introduce you to the virtual world and show you how to operate your virtual self (Avatar). This includes how to move around, change your appearance, communicate with other avatars, view movies and manage objects stored in your personal inventory. You can also pick up a few handy items on the way!

Second Health Orientation Experience - Click to enlgarge Second Health Orientation Experience - Click to enlgarge

The Second Health Orientation Experience

Second Health London Hospital

At the end of your orientation experience you will be teleported to the Second Health virtual hospital. Here you will be able to take an in depth look into the entire Hospital and its facilities. The tour includes movies, presentations and information specific to each department.

The Polyclinic

Polyclinic Entrance - Click to enlarge Polyclinic Reception - Click to enlarge General Medicine - Treatment Room - Click to enlarge

Acute Care A & E

A & E Ambulance Bay - Click to enlarge Acute Care Ward - Click to enlarge Acute Care Surgical Ward - Clcik to enlarge

Day Surgery & Endoscopy

Day Surgery Reception - Click to enlarge Day Surgery Operating Theatre - Click to enlarge Day Surgery Discharge - Click to enlarge

Long Term Care

Long Term Care - Click to enlarge Long Term Care Reception - Click to enlarge Long Term Care Gym - Click to enlarge

Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy - Click to enlarge Staying Healthy Acupuncture - Click to enlarge Staying Healthy Pharmacy - Click to enlarge

Well Being

Well Being Swimming Pool - Click to enlarge Well Being Gym - Click to enlarge Well Being Juice Bar - Click to enlarge

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