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A health system centred on each patient’s specific needs? Join us in the 3D virtual World of Second Life to explore, discuss and shape a shared vision of the future.

Underground Working Patient

Experience the future today

If you’ve visited SL before then click below to teleport:


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New to Second Life? Follow these 5 steps:

  1. REGISTER FOR FREE – Join the Second Life community. Select an avatar and register at this site.
  2. DOWNLOAD SECOND LIFE – Login, select an avatar and enter the Second Health experience*
  3. TAKE THE TOUR– As soon as you arrive in Second Life we’ll lead you through a 10-minute orientation experience so that you’ll be ready to explore the Second Health Hospital with your new avatar.
  4. PARTICIPATE – In Second Life you’ll be able to see and interact with other visitors. We’ll show you how during the orientation experience.
  5. MAKE A DIFFERENCE – You can also join the Second Health London Community, answer our survey questions and attend our events to influence the future direction of Second Health. You could be helping to shape the future of healthcare delivery in the UK.

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